Friday, January 23, 2015

Business and the brain: How some scientists hope to cure mental illness

Researchers around the world are unlocking mysteries of the brain and causes of mental disorders in a “quiet neuroscience revolution” that, some say, will transform the way mental illness has been diagnosed and treated for the past 50 years.
Scientific breakthroughs over the past decade have created enough optimism among the world’s experts that some dare to talk about a “cure” for depression and other mental illness, the non-infectious disease that is rapidly becoming one of the biggest global public health challenges.
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Sunday, January 18, 2015


Suicide is a very serious and major problem in Canada.  People with a mental illness and/or an addiction problem are at high risk for suicide.

Here is the link for a good article on suicide prevention.

My New Years Resolution

In 2014 I continued to write for the "A Mental Health Perspective" monthly newsletter published by the Kings County Branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association.  I also wrote for and put together the "Schizophrenia Newsletter" published by the Kings County Chapter of the Schizophrenia Society.

Besides this I didn't do much writing in 2014.  My new years resolution is to do more writing in 2015.  I would also like to advance my writing career by becoming a successful, paid, published free lance writer.  I want to get published in magazines.  I will have to pick a subject to write about. There is not much opportunity in North America to get published writing about mental illness, addiction, and alcoholism.

It's going to be hard picking a subject.  I have so many interests.  During 2014 I did do a lot of research.  I researched the paranormal (ghosts and hauntings, ufology, cryptozoology), science, philosophy, Christianity, wildlife, conservation,  global warming, mental illness, addiction, and alcoholism to name a few.  I did spend most of my spare time researching these subjects.  I also intend to do more writing on this blog.  

During 2014 I had to battle my Gillian Barre Syndrome.  Despite this I had a wonder 2014 and I also intend to have an even better 2015.

Surviving Schizophrenia by E. Fuller Torrey, M.D.

This book is an excellent work on schizophrenia.  Up until now it's the best book I have read on this subject.  The author goes into great detail describing different topics about this illness.  Some parts don't apply to us in Canada because when he talks about the system he describes the one in the United States.  I highly recommend this book for anyone to read.  It's an awesome work.

Kings County Chapter of the SSNS Meeting Announcement

Dr. John Campbell ,  Director, Mental Health Programs,  Annapolis Valley District Health Authority will be the main speaker on Wednesday evening January 21st, beginning at 7.00 pm. He will describe the current programs of his department and respond to questions from the gathering as to what can be expected in the short and long term.

               The issues may include the accreditation of those with mental health issues serving in a support role within our district. Other issues would be the sharing of information within families, and the training of family members to participate in therapy for their loved ones.

This public meeting is sponsored by the Schizophrenia Society, Kings County Chapter, and will be held at  the Lou Millett Community Centre in New Minas. Entrance to the meeting will be through the door at the east end of the Centre. After the presentation and question and answer session, refreshments will be served.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

ABILIFY MAINTENA™: A New Injectable Medication Now Available in Cnada

Here is the link to a news article on this new medication.  This new drug is very promising in treating schizophrenia.  There is hope for those whom the present medications don't work.  The trials done on this medication showed that it will be very successful at reducing the symptoms of schizophrenia.

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Schizophrenia Medications

Here is the link to an article on schizophrenia medications.  It discusses the older neuroleptics and the newer atypical antipsychotics.  Medication is the cornerstone of treatment.  In some cases it greatly reduces the positive symptoms.  The new atypical medications also help with the negative symptoms.

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