Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Objective In Life

I am an intellectual type person. I like to do research and get knowledge. For the past few years I have been racking my brains trying to figure out what subject I would like to focus on for my research. I am interested in schizophrenia, other types of mental illness, addiction, alcoholism, and Christianity. These are my main interests.

Kim and I have started up a business. It is in the early stages at the present moment. I have made my decision as to what to devote most of my time researching. Business. I want to learn how to manage a business, how to draw up a solid financial plan, marketing plan, how to do the bookkeeping, and any other types of business knowledge that I need to know. I am going to spend most of my time devoted to researching business.

I am still going to keep my jobs I presently hold down. I will also continue to write for my blogs and websites. I will do the necessary research I need to do for my writing. I still have a passion for writing and getting the word out there concerning mental illness, addiction, alcoholism, and my Christian beliefs.

Concerning our business it is doing quite well considering we are just getting started. We sell Kim's blankets at Apple Wicks in Wolfville, her scarves in the fall at Rainbow Stitches in New Minas, her blankets and scarves at Fisher, Sheffield and Company in Canning, and Lee's Creative Activities in Canning, and her blankets at the Canteen and Gift Shop at the beach in Kingsport. We also sell them out of our house by word of mouth. In fact most of our sales have been as a result of telling people about our product. Some people buy them and some even put in orders for products that haven't even been made yet.

Our ultimate objective is to own our own physical store to sell crafts and products that other people make. We will also continue to sell Kim's products as well. This is a long ways down the road though.

We are also looking into selling our product at Farm Markets and Flea Markets. We had a table at the Farm Market located at Center Square in downtown Kentville. We did quite well there. We will be going there again in the fall sometime. We are making plans to do other Farm Markets and Flea Markets as well.

We are hoping that some day down the line that our business will generate enough profit to be able to live off our business. That probably will not happen for approximately five years or more. It takes that long for a business to get off the ground and start to turn a profit. We are patient though. We are willing to wait that long to generate profit. Meanwhile all our profit is going to be pumped back into the business.


Stueypants said...

Dear Tony, I wanted to make you aware that your blog is now being featured in the Christian mental Health Website:-

Hope that's OK

Tony's Schizophrenia Corner

Anonymous said...

I am glad I found your blog. My brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia about 3 years ago. I am still learning about it. I make a lot of crafts and was wondering how I could sell them and give half(or more) of the proceeds to a schizophrenia organization. If you have any info that could help I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

You are a very strong person for getting through your journey.

My email is